Customizable structure templates to make low-level data analysis easy and clear

Jumping on positions and positions bookmarks for fast data handling

Setting separate data range for analysis, search, editing, etc.

Advanced “search and replace” with a high degree of precision

Search in several data sources simultaneously

Concurrent data comparison tool

Copying, pasting, appending, truncating etc. at your disposal for accurate editing purposes

Special tool to make required span of data from a set of source components

Virtual editing mode to protect source data

Adjustable clipboard allows working with hexadecimal and raw data

RAID-Builder allows for assembling complex RAID arrays of diversity of levels

Work with custom RAID configurations

Automatic RAID loading if detected by RAID Definition Language

Automatic operations for parity calculation of corresponding levels

Raw Data Inspector helping to interpret raw binary data

Auxiliary information about data source properties

Customizable hexadecimal to decimal representation

More than twenty different text encodings

Working with any data source including physical disks, virtual drives, disk images, disk partitions, files and any fragments thereof

Support of a wide range of operating systems

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